The Botox Brow Lift

Minars Dermatology | Columns & Newsletters | February 2008 February 2008, Vol 1 Iss. 24 This month’s newsletter is about a procedure that is actually not new at all, but many people still do not know about it. It is called the “Botox brow lift”. It is a simple way of lifting your brow with […]

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A New Botox for 2008 (and other new stuff)

Minars Dermatology | Columns & Newsletters | March 2008 March 2008, Vol 1 Iss. 25 As a dermatologist, I often get early information about new products and procedures. One purpose of this newsletter is to share that information with you. Two new products in the world of cosmetic dermatology are going to be available before […]

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A patient’s cloned white blood cells halted his stage-four melanoma.

Minars Dermatology | Columns & Newsletters | July 2008 July 2008, Vol 1 Iss. 28 This month’s newsletter is about an interesting case that may be the first step of a major advancement in our approach to treating melanoma. An Oregon man, given less than a year to live, had a complete remission of advanced […]

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Famous People with Skin Disease (October 2008, Vol 1 Issue 30)

Minars Dermatology | Columns & Newsletters | October 2008 October 2008, Vol 1 Iss. 30 This month is the first of a series of newsletters highlighting skin disease in “celebrities”. The people and the diseases are interesting. And if you yourself suffer from a skin condition, it is often helpful to know that you are […]

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More Famous People with Skin Disease (November 2008, Vol 1 Issue 31)

Minars Dermatology | Columns & Newsletters | November 2008 November 2008, Vol 1 Iss. 31 This month’s famous person with skin disease is John McCain. Senator McCain has had four melanomas. In 1993, he waited more than six months before seeking care after a Navy doctor recommended that he consult a dermatologist for a lesion […]

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CDC says number of U.S. measles cases is increasing (January 2009, Vol 1 Issue 32)

Minars Dermatology | Columns & Newsletters | January 2009 January 2009, Vol 1 Iss. 32 The CBS Evening News (8/21/08) reported that “measles, a childhood disease, is making a comeback in this country, and doctors are worried.” Health officials are especially concerned about what these numbers say about parents’ attitudes towards vaccinations. The New York […]

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Incidence of melanoma increased rapidly over last 12 years (June 2009, Vol 1 Issue 37)

Minars Dermatology | Columns & Newsletters | June 2009 June 2009, Vol 1 Iss. 37 Melanoma is the least common form of skin cancer, but as dermatologists we spend much of our time each day looking for it, because it is the most deadly. The good news is that when caught early, it is curable. […]

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New Laser treats Rosacea and Broken Capillaries (July 2009, Vol 1 Issue 38)

Minars Dermatology | Columns & Newsletters | July 2009 July 2009, Vol 1 Iss. 38 We have just purchased two more lasers bringing our total laser count to seven. We have more lasers than most universities and more lasers than any other doctor’s office that I am aware of in South Florida. We are truly […]

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A New Doctor and Extended Office Hours (Early and Late) (September 2009, Vol 1 Issue 39)

Minars Dermatology | Columns & Newsletters | September 2009 September 2009, Vol 1 Iss. 39 In July we added a fourth dermatologist to our practice. She has been a big hit with both the staff and patients, and her presence allows us to expand our schedule to accommodate more patients. Our new doc – Marianna […]

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MRSA Infections (December 2009, Vol 1 Issue 40)

Minars Dermatology | Columns & Newsletters | December 2009 December 2009, Vol 1 Iss.40 MRSA is in the news a lot these days, and even mentioning the word to a patient can cause fear and panic. We see skin infections caused by MRSA every day, so in this months newsletter we will share some facts […]

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