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A New Laser at Minars Dermatology

A New Laser at Minars Dermatology

This month we are discussing two new “additions” to our practice that may interest you. First, we have added a new dermatologist. Dr. Lesley Clark- Loeser joins us for two days a week. We have known Lesley since childhood. She is a Hollywood native who returns after 15 years of out-of-state schooling. She completed her dermatology residency at the NYU School of Medicine, and an extra one year fellowship at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, making her an expert on the subject of pigmented lesions and melanoma. She did all of this while giving birth to two children! In addition to a new person, we also have a new laser, which represents a new technology in the treatment of sun-damaged or aging skin.

The “NEW” way – FRAXEL Laser
Unlike old resurfacing lasers that remove the entire top layer of skin, the Fraxel laser works by creating a grid of pinpoint laser beams that zap tiny spots on the skin. This produces thousands of tiny but deep columns of treatment in your skin, known as microthermal treatment zones. This method protects the skin from enduring too much damage at once and, because you have an 80 percent reservoir of normal skin surrounding these microthermal treatment zones, healing is fast and side effects are minimal.

Not the usual trade-off
The usual trade-off dictates that the deeper you go with a resurfacing procedure, the more dramatic the results, but with added downtime and risk. So typically a light acid peel or a microdermabrasion has almost no risk of adverse effects and no downtime, but the results are modest. On the other hand, a full face CO2 laser resurfacing can give dramatic results, but it requires general anesthesia and more than two weeks of recovery , and the risk of side effects is real. The Fraxel Laser maintains the safety profile of a microdermabrasion procedure, with results that are significantly more dramatic.

Why is this woman blue?
For more information on the Fraxel Laser, including results, pricing, and which conditions we treat (as well as the answer to “why is this woman blue?”) please click the link below…
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Todd Minars, MD
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In This Issue
The “NEW” way – FRAXEL Laser

Not the usual trade-of

Why is this woman blue?

New “doc”

The newest member of our practice:
Lesley Clark- Loeser, MD

What a “new doctor” means to you: Adding a new doctor alllows us to maintain our “open access” schedule as we grow. This means that you will be able to see your dermatologist within a day or two of calling for an appointment.

A new doctor also means later appointments. We now offer a limited number of “after-hours” appointments (after 5pm) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.


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