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A New Botox for 2008 (and other new stuff)

As a dermatologist, I often get early information about new products and procedures. One purpose of this newsletter is to share that information with you. Two new products in the world of cosmetic dermatology are going to be available before the end of 2008.

Product #1 – A “new Botox”
We have heard about this for years (and of course the rest of the world already has been using it for years), but finally in 2008 Botox will have some competition in the U.S. Reloxin is the name of the new botulinum toxin brand (it is known as Dysport in Europe). It was submitted to the FDA in December of 2007 and the expected approval takes 10 months. So Botox may have some competition as early as October of this year.

How does it compare to Botox?
I have heard about Reloxin from international dermatologists who have experience with it. The biggest question I had was “does it last longer?” I have heard some people say it lasts slightly longer and others say slightly shorter. So the answer is that it probably lasts about the same amount of time as Botox.

Reloxin is, however, different than Botox in a few important ways. First, it starts working faster. (I don’t know how important this really is. Most of my patients say they start to see the improvement from Botox in two or three days.) Second, it diffuses more widely. This may be beneficial when we use it to treat hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) because it will mean fewer injections into the hands or underarms. On the other hand, this may mean more side effects when we use it for cosmetic application on the face (it will at least take some technique adjustment).

Which product is more popular in countries where both are available?
Botox has been around longer, so in most countries that have both products available, Botox is still the leader in sales. But Reloxin has overtaken the lead in at least one country (Germany, I was told). So it may be a formidable competitor in the U.S. We will see. Competition is a good thing. Perhaps it will lead to a Botox price decrease!

Product #2 – Juvederm with lidocaine
Actually Juvederm with lidocaine does not have a United States release date yet (even though it is also already being used in Europe). But there is another company that will have a hyaluronic acid filler available by the end of 2008 (the product has not been named yet).

There seem to be new fillers coming out every few months these days (e.g. Juvederm, Perlane, Radiesse, Artefill, Sculptra etc.) But none have lidocaine in them. Lidocaine is an anesthetic (it numbs the skin) and it was actually in the original collagen filler products many years ago. For some reason the most popular fillers today do not have lidocaine in them. A little bit of lidocaine can make a big difference. It works instantly and the whole procedure is more comfortable. Before the end of the year, we will have at least one hyaluronic acid filler with lidocaine.

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Product #1 – A “new Botox”

How does it compare to Botox?

Which product is more popular in countries where both are available?

Product #2 – Juvederm with lidocaine

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