Leg Veins

For some, varicose or spider veins are just unattractive and embarrassing. For others, they are actually painful and uncomfortable, and in some cases could be a sign of a more serious disorder.

Harold Jaimes, MD is a Leg Vein Specialist. His practice is devoted exclusively to the treatment of vein diseases and disorders. He has been treating leg veins since 1995. And he performs over 1,000 leg vein procedures every year.

Dr. Jaimes is certified in venous & lymphatic medicine and internal medicine; so his insight goes beyond just treating symptoms. He takes special pride in helping patients who have sought and failed to receive a successful outcome from prior treatments.

All treatments are performed here in our office, with minimal to no down-time.
Treatments may be covered by commercial insurance and Medicare – especially in cases with symptoms of pain, cramping, swelling or skin discoloration and ulceration. Our office will work with you to determine your insurance eligibility.

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