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Media Mentions

Minars Dermatology and our dermatologists in Hollywood, FL are experts who’ve assisted many national media outlets for a variety of articles relating to skincare and overall health. Below is a sampling of those articles where we discuss everything from tips for treating dry skin, infant (pediatric) skincare, ways to prevent infections and problematic conditions, and more. If you have a specific concern for our medical staff, please call us at (954) 987-7512 today!


ODAC speaker florida minars dermatology dr. hosseinipour

ODAC Dermatology,
Aesthetic & Surgical Conference

January 11 – 14, 2024 –
Our Own Dr. Hosseinipour To Speak

Women’s Health

August 2023 – By Andi Breitowich

Sunday Riley

July 2022 – By Jenn Sinrich


June 2022 – By Giselle Castro-Sloboda


June 2022 – By Nancy Cooper

Hello Glow

June 2022 – By Stephanie Gerber


May 2022 – By Claire Gillespie


April 2022 – By Carolyn Steber


April 2022 – By Beth Krietsch

Best Products

April 2022 – By Cat Bowen

The Vitamin Shoppe

January 2022 – By Perri O. Blumberg

Foundation Fairy

January 2022 – By Sandy Taylor

Vein Magazine

October 2021 – By Harold Jaimes, MD


October 2021 – By Merrell Readman


October 2021 – By Breanna Mona


June 2021 – By Sarah Kester

The Zoe Report

May 2021 – By Michelle Rostamian

Verywell Health

April 2021 – By Jennifer Nied


April 2021 – By Merrell Readman

Hero Cosmetics

April 2021 – By Estera Hayes

The List

March 2021 – By Matt Meltzer

Hero Cosmetics

March 2021 – By Estera Hayes


December 2020 – By Madeleine H. Burry

Kopa for Psoriasis

December 2020 – By Claire Gillespie


December 2020 – By Joni Sweet

Kopa for Psoriasis

October 2020 – By Claire Gillespie


September 2020 – By Courtney Leiva

Kopa for Psoriasis

September 2020 – By Claire Gillespie

NBC News

September 2020 – By Gideon Grudo

The Inventory

September 2020 – By Chaya M. Milchtein


August 2020 – By SaVanna Shoemaker

NBC News

August 2020 – By Nicole Saunders

NBC News

August 2020 – By Nicole Saunders

The Healthy

August 2020 – By Charlotte Hilton Andersen


July 2020 – By Michelle Rostamian

NBC News

July 2020 – By Lauren Levy


June 2020 – By Michelle Rostamian

Hero Cosmetics

June 2020 – By Hero Cosmetics

The Delite

June 2020 – By Claire Gillespie

Hello Giggles

June 2020 – By Courtney Leiva


May 2020 – By Sarah Crow


April 2020 – By Sarah Crow

Business Insider

April 2020 – By Sara Lindberg


April 2020 – By Sara Lindberg

Elite Daily

March 2020 – By Andrea Pyros

NBC News

March 2020 – By Nicole Spector

Baby Gaga

March 2020 – By Mark Lugris


March 2020 – By Lindsay E. Mack

Yahoo! Lifestyle

March 2020 – By Claire Gillespie


March 2020 – By Claire Gillespie


February 2020 – By Mark Lugris

The Check-Up

February 2020 – By Jennifer Larson


February 2020 – By Allie Hogan


December 2019 – By Michael Martin

The Oprah Magazine

December 2019 – By Brigitt Earley

Eat This, Not That!

December 2019 – By Michael Martin

Prevention Magazine

November 2019 – By Krissy Brady


October 2019 – By Dr. Todd Minars, MD

New York Magazine

September 2019 – By Lori Keong

Parade Magazine

Septmber 2019 – By Krissy Brady

Everyday Health

August 2019 – By Moira Lawler

Sun Sentinel

May 2019 – By Cindy Krischer Goodman

The Healthy

February 2019 – By Charlotte Hilton Andersen


January 2018 – By Claire Gillespie

Nylon Magazine

September 2016 – By Sydney Gore

Cosmetic Surgery Times

May 2016 – By Lisette Hilton

Miami Herald

May 2016 – By Allison Horton


January 2016 – By Anna Marden

Fitness Magazine

March 2010

Health Magazine

January 2010

American Way Magazine

January 2005

Weight Watchers Magazine

January 2005

Miami Herald

By Carmen Caldwell

Miami Herald

By Dr. Sean

Sun Sentinel

By Doreen Christensen

Miami Herald

By Howard Cohen

Smart Shopper Feature

By Howard Cohen

Reader’s Digest

By Charlotte Hilton Andersen

Miami Herald

By Sue Arrowsmith

Zwivel Microneedling

By Justinas Staskevicius

Zwivel Laser Treatment

By Jedha Dening

Reader’s Digest

By Jordi Lippe-McGraw


By Claire Gillespie

El Nuevo Herald


By Amy Roberts

Fierce Healthcare

By Joanne Finnegan

Miami Herald

By Sue Arrowsmith

Reader’s Digest

By Jordi Lippe-Mcgraw

Reader’s Digest

By Charlotte Hillton Anderson


Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema) February 28 2017

with Dr. Vivas

Melanoma February 24 2017

with Dr. Balestra

Hyperhydrosis 2016

with Dr. Minars

Baby Acne September, 2016

with Dr. Vivas

Eczema 2016

with Dr. Vivas

Alopecia October 21, 2016

with Dr. Vivas

NBC Miami Melanoma in the News Video

with Dr. Blyumin

Skin Cancer Awareness Month in the News Video

with Dr. Blyumin


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