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Here’s what our patients are saying…

At Minars Dermatology we take patient satisfaction seriously! Whether you learned about us from our Google reviews, profile or anywhere else online, we couldn’t be happier that you’ve found us. Below are some emails, letters, and holiday cards we’ve received from patients sharing their experiences with Minars Dermatology in Hollywood, Florida! We look forward to meeting you.

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At Minars Dermatology we take patient satisfaction seriously! Whether you learned about us from our Google reviews, profile or anywhere else online, we couldn’t be happier that you’ve found us. Below are some emails, letters, and holiday cards we’ve received from patients sharing their experiences with Minars Dermatology in Hollywood, Florida! We look forward to meeting you.

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Dr. Minars and Staff,

As you well know, I am elated with the results from the treatment received in your office.

I feel as though I have engaged the services of a highly knowledgeable, skilled and confident physician with a caring, friendly and helpful staff. There seems to be little to no room for improvement.

I got back the use of my hands within a couple of days of my first visit to your office and I could not be happier. Thank you so much for the excellent service.


I believe that this office is one of the best run DR’s office I have been to!

I just have to say in my experience at the office you don’t need to change or improve anything so far. The waiting time is great….I have never waited more than 5 or 10 minutes. Everyone is always nice and friendly. Wish more doctors’ offices were this way.

Kind Regards,

Dear Staff at Minars Dermatology,
I think the office looks better , much more updated. The service however, has always been excellent at your office that is why I recommend so many friends to your office. It is one of the most well run doctors offices’ in Florida.


I find your practice to be exemplary for how other practices should be run. Everything is professional, clean and the service has been above average.

Thank you so much!

I cannot think of anything to improve. You seem like an excellent practice. I do not have many needs, but if and when I do, I think of you, and have also recommended you. I LOVE the emails, and read them with tremendous interest, and retain the information for future reference.. Best service I can think of from a physician, keeping me apprised of emerging techniques for common consumer issues.


To the Staff and Doctors:

I have no complaints.
From the receptionist to the doctor, everyone has been pleasant and professional.
Please consider my comments from a professional point of view. My company presents seminars on Customer Service, Etiquette and Protocol. Many of my clients are doctors’ offices!

Keep up the good work.


I am actually a new patient I have only been there once, but I can tell you that Dr. Clark was very nice and understanding I loved my visit and I look forward to my next visit which is on Friday at 2:30 p.m.


Good day,
No recommendation of changes at this time. I had a great experience.

Dr. Minars (Sr.) is very knowledgeable and competent. I’m sure his son is the same, especially since he is now an Associate Professor at UM, where I graduated with my MBA.

Great staff too. I was really impressed with the efficiency of your operations – I was in and out in under 30 minutes. GREAT JOB!

Thank you,

We love the late hours Dr. Clark keeps. It is very convenient for those that do not work in the area but live in the area. Changed to you from an office in Plantation. Keep up the good work. My wives skin has never looked better in years.


I really don’t think there is a need to change anything. If it is not broken don’t fix it.
The following are some words of praise and satisfaction I could lend to you:
• Carol is most gentle and just a pleasure to deal with. She is fabulous!

• Scheduling an appointment is effortless with Margie. She always finds an open slot for me. Margie is also fabulous!

• You are just phenomenal. You have managed to control my Rosea and other dermatology concerns

• It’s a pleasure to visit your office and speak with you.
• Your staff is very friendly and courteous.

I am sure Mark, my brother and your patient also will agree.

Thank You

My first visit to Minars was a great experience, as well as, my second visit (which happen to be today). The encounter with the staff from the moment you arrive until you leave is efficient, courteous, and informative. Also, the reception area eludes confidence (first impression is very important, especially in the medical field).

We are certainly happy to have chosen Minars Dermatology for our family needs.

Best regards,

Dear Minars Dermatology:
An interesting question for you to ask. In fact, I can’t think of one thing I would advise on other then to keep up exactly what you have been doing. If anything, I believe your practice to be near perfect in every way. All of my experiences have been above satisfactory. Thank you for everything.


I’ve only had one office visit with Dr. Todd Minars thus far. From that visit, the info. conveyed in your web site and the fact that you ask this question I conclude that you run a pretty good practice where your patients are your number 1 priority. Other practices could learn a lot from you.


Dear Dr. Minars:
I cannot think of anything to improve your services. I feel your office is very efficient and everyone is pleasant, My son, parents and I are very happy!!!

Thanks for your great website.


To Whom It May Concern,
In response to the question of what could be improved in your office I have no answer. I am very pleased with every aspect of my experience with the office environment, the reception staff, and especially with Dr. Loesley-Clark. I have been to many dermatologists and this is by far my best experience. Not that the others were all poor, but I feel as though Dr. Loesley-Clark is truly interested in helping me the best that she can and goes above and beyond what she might be required to do.

Thank you,

Dear Dr. Minars,
Up till now, I have been very satisfied with the service at your office. Appointment schedules are followed thru with very little waiting time. It is not often that you see this in a Doctor’s office. Also, the staff is very professional. Most importantly, they always have a smile and
make you feel welcome. I hope this answers this month’s question.


I never really do this, but I had to let you know that your front desk staff is top! The level of professionalism is extreme, plus, they make you feel very comfortable. I am having laser hair removal and your office staff put me at ease and reassured me that all was going to be ok. It was, I have returned twice now and every time I am greeted like I am family. I am, as you can see a banker by trade, however, customer service is top in my eyes. When I see great service being provided, I like to let the manager or supervisor know about it.Please congratulate your team on a job well done and tell them to keep up the good work. And if you ever get tired of your current bank for the office, just give me a call. We deliver the same level of service, plus we come to you with our free courier service.


Thank you so much for your concern with my husband today. We feel he had excellent treatment from Dr Todd Minars. Dr. Todd is exactly what we were looking for my husband’s care. The Staff is the best we’ve ever seen, very kind. Thank you again for a great office visit.

Bob & Dawn


I wanted to thank you for seeing due to my growth on my privates. You made me feel so comfortable and assured me I had no MRSA. I can’t thank enough for easing my fears and comforting me .
You are a wonderful human being.

Dear Marianna

Thank you for helping me deal with my acne ordeal all these years! You have been so helpful and you were always such a pleasure to talk to. I will miss seeing you at MIT Medical. I wish you all the best in Florida.


It’s been such a pleasure to know you and to have being in your capable care. We will miss you greatly! Our best wishes to you for a wonderful future and much less ice and snow! Hope you like “sea songs” as much as *** loves his warm socks

Dear Marianna,

I received your letter that you are leaving MIT. I wanted to thank you for helping me for the past several years. I like that you listen, you take me seriously, and you are direct. I will miss you and wish you well!

Diane, Marianna, and all the other staff,

You have a knack for bringing happiness to others. Thank you for making me feel so special.

Dear Ms Helin,

Thank you very much for being so excellent . It has been a great pleasure to be your patient. I am happy I have met someone who shows an exceptional care in their medical practice. It is so rare and so very inspiring. Belated happy holidays and have a wonderful year!

Dear Dr Minars,

Thank you so much for all your help and advice on my vitiligo. I appreciate that you called me back on the same day. And your assistant also called with regard to skin creams. Thank you !

Most thoughtful, gentle and caring!!

1) Thank you for doing such an amazing job on my nose! It is looking good and only just a little sore still with my glasses on bridge.
2) I will definitely refer others to you if they need Mohs! You were terrific! Thank you!

Dear Dr Todd and Staff,

Thank you for the amazing job you did of removing the skin tags from my neck and face.The procedure was less painful than I assumed because  of the gentle way you and your staff attended to me. My neck looks flawless! My face is getting there. (I’m still using the cream you prescribed). You and your staff are awesome!!! Once again, thank you!

Dr Clark,

Just a short note to say thank you ! You did a wonderful job with the injections,and as importantly, helped me to feel comfortable during the process. You are the best!!

Dear Dr Clark,

My last visit was in January 2012. I was laid off and your kindness and your staff support still give me a very nice feeling. I just want to say thank you! We need more people like you in our healthcare system! Best wishes for you and your family.

To Dr Clark,

I came to Minars Derm with hopes of professionalism and expertise. I certainly got both. Very much appreciated. Thank you!

Dear Dr Todd Minars,

Thank you for always doing such an amazing job! You took 5 years off my face ! Thank you !

He is professional, caring, and I love the way I look. I would recommend him to all my friends. Thanks!

To Dr Todd Minars and Staff,

Thank you all for your very professional and compassionate ways. You are all my role models for the medical field. Wishing you all a happy, holy and blessed Easter

Dr MInars,

Thank you for the referral to Dr Kahn. He was wonderful and is working to get me set up with Remicade as soon as possible. I appreciate the extra effort to get me into his office immediately knowing I live in Naples. Going that extra mile is something I know my dad laments is missing from many younger doctors with which he works, so it’s definitely somethingI Especially notice and appreciate. Thank you again.

Dr Todd –
Thanks for keeping me from looking like this !

Dear Lesley,

I just want to thank you for making me feel so comfortable and being so helpful in making some of my problems go away. You are a credit to your profession and a sweetheart to deal with. Thanks for your wonderful care.

Dear Dr Todd,

My friend found this article online – She has the same problem I had. I told her I’m 100% cured and to go see you. You’re the best! I thought you may find it interesting.

Dear Lesley,

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me with my melanoma diagnosis. You really put me at ease throughout the whole process. I could not of asked for a better doctor ! You truly care about the well-being of your patients. I look forward to my upcoming visits with you.Thank you so much.

Dr Minars,

A Happy and Healthy holiday to you and your family. I feel lucky to have found a great Dr as yourself. Card was for you and also for staff which by the way was great!

Dear Dr Todd,

Thank you for taking extra time with me and for understanding my fear and of bruises.

Dr Clark,

Thank you so much for responding to your patients so quickly! You make a difference and we appreciate it!

Dear Dr T. Minars,

Every time I look in the mirror I say – God bless you! The shot you gave near the corner of my mouth worked. I do not look mean! You are so gentle and I did not bruise. I will always go back to you for my facial needs – and tell friends how good you are!

Dear Carol and all of the office staff,

Thank you so much for your help last week in dealing with my pharmacist and insurance company. It was a stressful situation that you all made easy for me. Being in the service industry myself, I know that friendly, helpful and genuine service is hard to find . Dr Minars should be proud.

Dear Dr Minars,

I have to take a moment to thank you for the excellent treatment of me last week. Your expertise led me to get tested for a potentially very serious condition that even my OB missed. You also took the time to follow up with me personally to make sure I get further test and that I had my own lab reports. You are truly excellent ! Thank you !

Dear Dr Clark,

I wanted to send a note of sincere appreciation and many thanks for helping me clear my complexion. The results of the laser was amazing, I am so pleased. I didn’t know what a clear, smooth complexion looks until now!

Dear Dr Minars,

Thank you for always being so kind to my mom , dad, son and myself! Not only are you a caring doctor, but your staff is so pleasant, always helpful and patient. Thanks for making a doctor’s visit  pleasant.

My sincere thanks to all the staff at Minars Dermatology for their courtesies and help over the last year. In particular, I wish to express my gratitude to Dr Lesley Clark, Dr Minars, Dr Todd
Minars, and Dr Edward for taking such good care of me by early detection of my 2 skin cancers and skillfully carried out surgeries. I feel reassured that I will continue to receive excellent care under their supervision at regular intervals.


Here are some of the comments from our most recent patient satisfaction survey:

Read patient satisfaction comments

Most everything was done with care and satisfaction. All well done. Thank you doctors.

Doctor was excellent, fast and tentative.

Excellent office personnel.

Thank you for a wonderful experience and transformation.

I was in and out in one hour and was taken earlier than my appointment. I’ve worked in a dermatologist’s office before (nightmare!) and this was such a pleasant experience- not what I was expecting! Keep up the good work. And the check out girl’s happiness was contagious!

Services by Marianna Blyumin were perfect! Thank you very much! More doctors should be like her!

The doctor is very thorough which is important to me, as I have a fair complexion and both of my parents have had skin cancer. She is also very gentle and concerned about my comfort.

Thank you so much!

Always have a pleasant visit when I need their service. Thanks.

I”ve always had a good experience with your office, staff, and doctors.

Waited two weeks to complete survey to validate my excellent experience at your clinic with the results of the fillers (which take 2 weeks to fully see results). Looking forward to coming back. Attentive, thorough, offers excellent options, advice, and you don’t feel rushed. Glad, very glad, to have found her again. Would go wherever she goes!

Excellent service!

Debbie at checkout desk is awesome

Extremely pleased with the practice.

She is the absolute best! I recommend her to everyone I know!

I feel very comfortable with this doctor.

Excellent. Nice and Caring. Staff is very good as well. Minars’ products are my favorites.

The staff is wonderful. Thank you.

Awesome office.

Practice is run very efficiently. Called back with 5-10 minutes of scheduled appointment which is so appreciated.

I am also pleased with the short wait time to see doctor. Personnel are very friendly and helpful.

The staff at Minars Dermatology is very friendly and always extends excellent customer service.

She is always wonderful. Very professional and very helpful in addition to being extremely nice and caring.

The nurse and receptionist were very kind and helpful to my 91 year old dad. When I called from N.C. she did everything to help me make an appointment with the doctor the next day. Very friendly and did the best to get my father well.

Great practice, on time, courteous staff, and great doctor.

You are a “model” doctor’s office. I have been going here for two years and I’ve never experienced a better practice, ever. Keep up the great work and I’m looking forward to seeing the new office in August. Continued success to you all.

This is my first time in Dr. Minars’ office. I am extremely pleased with the way the doctors listened to my concerns and produces immediate treatment. In addition, the staff, from beginning to end, was extremely polite and attentive. Thank YOU all for a great first visit.

The best in all categories!

If not satisfied, I would not continue at this office!

In this day and age when doctors look at their tablets and barely speak to patients, I appreciated the time Dr. Minars took to address all my concerns, even though, thank God, they were minor. Thank you.

Dr. Norman Minars has been my dermatologist for many years and I have recommended him to friends and families and will continue to do so. He is extremely knowledgeable.

For three years Minars Dermatology has been our choice. We have used them for cosmetic, preventative, and cancer treatments. They are constantly top notch. Professional, caring, and competent. Punctual, clean, and an example of high standards. I have recommended several patients to them and everyone thanks me.

Dr. Norman Minars has been my doctor for the past 15 years. I have always trusted his judgment and care.

I’ve been to this office on several occasions, and the quality of service is excellent.

Thanks for serving us.

Patients (husband and wife) for over 17 years- always excellent care!

I really like this office. Service is fast and friendly. Thank you!

Very efficient and well managed office.

With the doctor’s treatment recommendation, my problem was solved in a couple of days, but when he was there he made me feel that I am only allowed to ask one question.


4060 Sheridan Street, Suite C
Hollywood, Florida 33021

From the moment I walked into his office, I was impressed by the warm and welcoming environment. The staff was friendly and accommodating, and the doctor was incredibly knowledgeable and attentive.
J. Michaels
Rating 5/5
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