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The Botox Brow Lift

This month’s newsletter is about a procedure that is actually not new at all, but many people still do not know about it. It is called the “Botox brow lift”. It is a simple way of lifting your brow with Botox instead of with surgery. I have been doing this for patients for years and it is a simple and satisfying procedure.

How does Botox lift?
The position of your brow is partially determined by the balance between a group of muscles pulling the brow up and a group of muscles pulling the brow down. If you can relax the “down” muscles enough to tilt the balance in favor of the “up” muscles, then the position of your brow, goes up.

More details:
Frown and look in the mirror. Notice how the “frown” muscles between your eyes are actually pulling your eyebrows together and DOWN. If we can relax these muscles, then the brow floats up a little bit (and of course, you no longer frown and make the vertical lines between your eyebrows that some people refer to as “the elevens”).

That takes care of the inner eyebrow. Two more injections at each tail of the eyebrow finish the lift by addressing the outer eyebrow.

Can you get a surgical result without surgery?
Probably not. However, you can get a small but important eyebrow lift (a few millimeters) by injecting Botox into the correct spots.

Who is it for?
Anyone who feels that their eyebrows are a little bit heavy or flat. Anyone who is already doing Botox for their frown lines but would like a little more “lift” (it is just two extra injections).

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How does Botox lift?

Can you get a surgical result without surgery?

Who is it for?

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