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Famous People with Skin Disease (October 2008, Vol 1 Issue 30)

This month is the first of a series of newsletters highlighting skin disease in “celebrities”. The people and the diseases are interesting. And if you yourself suffer from a skin condition, it is often helpful to know that you are not the only one, and that even famous people get skin disease. They are after all just people.

Seal has Discoid Lupus
The singer Seal has a form of lupus called discoid lupus erythematosis (DLE). Seal has revealed in interviews that he was afflicted with this syndrome as a teen. Lupus is a condition where the immune cells attack various body tissues. DLE is a form of lupus that mainly attacks the skin and usually affects young people. Intense inflammation develops in the skin, particularly in sun-exposed areas. If not treated aggressively with sun protection and anti-inflammatory medicines, “Seal-style” scarring can result. Not only did DLE cause Seal’s cheek scars, but he had significant scalp involvement, causing hair loss. The singer’s condition has been in remission for years.

Karl Marx had Hidradenitis”
Karl Marx the founder of communism, suffered from a skin disorder that left him with feeling of “self-loathing” and alienation, according to an article in the British Journal of Dermatology. The skin disorder is called hidradenitis suppuritiva. The disease manifests as clusters of chronic boils, especially in the groin, underarms, and buttocks. Persistent lesions may lead to scarring and the formation of sinus tracts, or tunnels connecting the boils under the skin. Drainage and other treatments provide some relief but there is no cure. Marx wrote of his boils which sometimes left him unable to work because of the pain.

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 Seal has Discoid Lupus

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