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Skin Tag Removal in Hollywood, FL

Skin tags come in all sizes and they are an annoyance. Here at Minars Dermatology, we specialize in skin tag removal near you in Hollywood, FL, Broward County, and the nearby Miami Metro area.

What Are Skin Tags?

Skin tags are a common, benign growth of the skin. According to the National Institute of Health, an estimated 50 to 60% of adults will develop at least one skin tag in their lifetime. The probability of getting a skin tag increases in a person’s 40s and onward. Luckily, skin tags are not dangerous, but they are annoying. The official medical term for a skin tag is “acrochordon” or “fibroepithelial papilloma”. They come in all sizes and look exactly as the name implies: like a “tag” of skin hanging from your body.

Why Do I Get Skin Tags?

Skin tags are very common and almost everyone has a few. They are probably caused by the friction of skin rubbing against skin, and that is why they occur most commonly in skin folds like the groin, underarms, or neck. The most common places on the body people get skin tags are:

  • Above or under eyelids
  • Around the lips
  • The neck region
  • Underarms or armpits
  • Around the chest area and under breasts
  • The groin area
  • Between the thighs
skin tag removal near you in Hollywood FL

How Do I Get Rid of Skin Tags?

Removing skin tags is fairly simple. There are two methods we use for skin tag removal:

  1. Method 1 – We clean the area, numb up the tags, and cut them off with a sterile instrument. Skin tags can bleed a lot when they’re being cut off, but we have “stuff” that stops the bleeding quickly.
  2. Method 2 – We freeze them with liquid nitrogen. This method involves no bleeding, but you have to wait a week or two for the frozen tag to fall off. This method is useful for tags close to or on the eyelid where we prefer not to use a sharp instrument.

Will Skin Tags Come Back After Skin Tag Removal?

The ones we cut off will probably not recur, but we have no way of stopping your body from producing new skin tags. If you are prone to skin tags, you will probably grow more eventually. Many of our patients come in every few years to “clean up” all of their new tags.

Need Skin Tag Removal Near You? Minars Dermatology Today!

If you’ve been wondering “where can I get the best skin tag removal close to me in Hollywood FL” you’ve come to the right place. Our skincare experts specialize in removing skin tags from eyelids, faces, lips, necks, arms, and anywhere on your body.  If you’re ready to get rid of skin tags that have been bothering you, call us today to book your consultation. Our skin tag removal dermatologists will assess your skin tags to determine the best removal method.

We also specialize in other dermatological services including molluscum treatment, acne treatment, mole removal, cold sore treatment, and many more advanced dermatological treatments and procedures.


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