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Mole Removal

Looking to have a mole removed?

Minars Dermatology can help. With over 30 years experience, our cutting edge laser dermatology services combined with incredible customer service will make the process quick and easy:

What is the best way to remove a mole?

We have three choices:
1 – Excision with stitches
2 – Shave excision
3 – Leave it alone
(Reminder: This applies only to benign-appearing moles that we are removing for cosmetic purposes.)

Excision With Stitches:

This is also called a “full thickness excision” and is essentially just cutting the mole out in the same way that we would cut out a skin cancer (see figure). This is the only method that removes the entire mole because we actually go deep enough (down to the subcutaneous fat) to remove the lesion in its entirety.

Shave Excision:

This is a method where we use a flat scalpel or razor blade and simply numb up and shave off the mole (we shave it flat). This method gives the best cosmetic result provided that two criteria are met. Criteria #1 – the mole is raised enough that it is easy to shave off; Criteria #2 – the mole is in a “good” location that tends to heal well and with minimal scarring. An example of a “good” location is the face. An example of a “bad” location in some people is the chest or shoulders. However, even in a “bad” location, the right mole (the raised fleshy kind) can be shaved off with an excellent cosmetic result.

Or Leave It Alone:

I have included choice #3 because sometimes it is best to just leave a mole alone. For example, if the mole is relatively flat and we would have to “scoop” it out. Whenever we have to “scoop” a mole out rather than just shave it flat, the scar tends to be worse than the original mole. On the other hand, whenever we remove a mole that is raised enough that we can simply shave it flat, the mark left (if any) tends to look better than the original mole.


Below are some common questions patients have when discussing the possibility of mole removal:

Is It Ok to Remove a Mole?

Yes, it is okay to remove a mole as long as it’s being done by a professional. It is never recommended that a person attempts to remove a mole themselves as it can result in infection and scaring. Also, when a mole is removed it should be sent for biopsy to make sure it is benign (non-cancerous), which most of them are but it’s always best to check and be sure!

Is It Painful to Have a Mole Removed?

Removing a mole at our office is virtually painless.  We numb the mole with lidocaine using a tiny needle – and within seconds it is numb.  The rest of the procedure is completely painless.

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Mole Removed?

The cost of removing a mole depends on many factors.  If you have insurance, then removing a mole for the purpose of biopsy (testing if it is benign or malignant) is typically covered by your insurance provider.  It is important to remember that even if a medical procedure is “covered” by insurance there may still be a “cost to you” (i.e. you must still pay whatever copay and/or deductible your insurance plan requires).

The cost of a mole that is NOT covered by insurance (or for someone who has no insurance) varies depending on how it is removed.  Generally a “shave excision” is less expensive than a “full thickness excision”, which is required for certain types of moles (especially larger moles).  You must also remember that the mole must be sent to the path lab to be evaluated for cancer – this is typically an additional cost if you have no insurance.

Why Choose Us for Your Mole Removal?

When you choose Minars Dermatology, you know you’re in good hands. All of our doctors are board-certified in dermatology.  Our doctors are on staff at the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine and Memorial Regional Hospital where they volunteer their time teach dermatology to the residence in the clinic. We have both male and female doctors, so you’ll always be comfortable, no matter where the mole is on your body. We have over 30 years experience in mole removal so if you’ve been considering having your mole removed, or aren’t sure if you should, call us today to book your consultation.

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