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Comprehensive Acne Treatment in Hollywood, FL


Acne Treatment is Kind of “Our Thing”

When you have acne, all you really care about is getting clear skin as soon as possible.  We’re sensitive to that. We will get you an appointment asap AND you will be seen on time. Our doctors help over 200 patients each month with acne just like yours.

Before and After acne treatment in Hollywood, FLWe handle the medical side of acne treatment including Accutane treatment for severe acne. Then we help you handle the scars acne can leave behind with comprehensive acne scar treatment & acne scar removal in Hollywood, FL.

  • Mild acne treatment – We put and keep you on as little medicine as we can get away with (but enough that you see results).
  • Stubborn or severe acne treatment – We have been using Accutane on patients safely and effectively since 1981.
  • Acne treatment for dark skin – Pigment from acne is important and we do NOT ignore it. We treat it. Aggressively.
  • Adult acne treatment – We treat as many adults as teenagers with acne.

And if you have a big pimple that really needs to go away “yesterday” – just tell our staff on the phone and they will always squeeze you in for a quick cortisone injection.


Acne Treatment Options We Offer

Acne Vulgaris – pimples and “zits” – almost everyone has experienced this skin disease in one form or another. The exact cause of acne is complex and only partially understood. It’s important to understand we do not “cure” acne, we control it. It takes months to get your skin clear (not days or weeks). Expect to be on your medicine for at least two months, because it will take that long to see real results.

One could oversimplify and say that acne is caused by sticky skin cells in the opening of the hair follicles. The material produced by sebaceous glands is part of the reason that the cells are sticky. The cells form “plugs” in the opening of the hair follicle, and this is called a comedone (a “white-head” or “black-head”). Some of the comedones “explode” and turn into big red “papules” and “pustules”.

The acne treatments for acne can be divided into “home therapy” and “office treatments”.

Home Remedies for Acne

This is the regimen that our doctor has prescribed for you. It may consist of acne creams, washes, pills or all three. There is no shortage of effective acne treatments. Treating acne requires patience (you must think in terms of months, not days or weeks). But with time, your skin will clear. For really stubborn acne we use Accutane. This drug also requires a little extra effort (monthly blood tests etc…), but the results are dramatic and consistent (it literally “wipes out” acne every time we use it).

Professional Dermatologist Acne Treatment Options (In-Office)

Acne Peels
Peels (dissolve the “plugs”).   There are two types of facial peels for acne:

1) Chemical peels – such as salicylic acid peels
2) Physical peels – such as microdermabrasion

Both have the same goal – exfoliating skin: especially those sticky skin cells that block the hair follicles and cause your acne. The choice between salicylic acid and microdermabrasion depends on your skin type and in some people they can even be used together, for a greater effect.

Acne Facial Treatments

The “Acne Tune-Up” Facial (remove the “plugs”)
Your medicines will prevent new comedones, but eventually, some of these plugs will need to be mechanically removed one by one. This can only be achieved by our estheticians. The “tune-up” includes steaming the skin, using acid peels and/or microdermabrasion to soften the plugs blocking your hair follicles, careful extractions to remove the plugs, and soothing masks to decrease redness.

Laser Facials for Acne

There are several laser treatments for acne we offer in office, including the popular carbon laser peel AKA “the Hollywood peel”.

Acne Injections

Cortisone Injections (shrink the deep “pimples”, prevent scarring)
A cortisone injection is the only treatment that is going to make that big red “underground” zit go away in 24 hours instead of three weeks. If you have an “emergency zit”, and need an injection, please call the office and we will get you in that day for a quick visit.

Examples of Before & After Photos Acne Treatment
Below are examples of real Minars patients who have seen visible improvement for their acne problems after completing treatment with our acne dermatologists. Your personal results may vary as we tailor our acne treatment regimes to your skin’s unique needs.

before and after cystic acne treatment Hollywood FL
before and after treatment for cystic acne on back in Hollywood FL
before and after acne treatment Hollywood FL

Why Choose Us for the Best Acne Treatment Near You in Hollywood, FL

Minar’s Dermatology, established in 1975, boasts board-certified MD dermatologists working in a clean modern office. We are obsessed with customer service and running on time. We see children and adults for medical, surgical, cosmetic, and laser dermatology.

We also handle pediatric rashes, cancer screening, pityriasis rosea, and more.


Our esthetician can add acne facials, peels, extractions and product advice to your acne regimen.


Our staff will get you in “same-day” if you need a quick cortisone injection for a big pimple.


We treat over 200 people each month for acne.


Our staff will register or activate you same-day as your appointment. They are “on it”.












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From the moment I walked into his office, I was impressed by the warm and welcoming environment. The staff was friendly and accommodating, and the doctor was incredibly knowledgeable and attentive.
J. Michaels
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