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Skin Cancer Screening

Routine Skin Cancer Screenings

Most residents of sunny states like Florida should have there skin checked by a dermatologist once a year. If you have any risk factors for skin cancer (such as family history, pre-cancer spots, or previous skin cancers) then you should be seen twice a year. This is your best chance at prevention and timely intervention.

We also recommend making an immediate appointment with us for a total body scan if you notice the following:

  • sores that don’t heal after one month
  • new or changing lesions (especially moles)

Make sure you show the doctor what you’ve found so they can use magnification, photography (when appropriate), and dermatoscopes to evaluate your moles and look for early signs of skin cancer. Sometimes we’ll also need to do minimally invasive shave or punch biopsies.

Our goal is to find the balance between catching every cancer but not over-biopsying patients and leaving unnecessary scars. Remember, the thoroughness of our doctor’s review is essential to early and effective treatment.

We are known for being always “on time”, too, so if you find something on your skin that’s concerning, call us at 954-987-7512 and you’ll be scheduled promptly and seen on time at your appointment.

Skin Cancer Screening & Treatment at Minars Dermatology

You are in capable hands at Minars Dermatology when it comes to skin cancer and other dermatological concerns. We take the utmost care of our patients to make them feel safe and comfortable.

And it makes it all worthwhile when we receive notes from them like this:

“Thank you so much for everything you have done for me with my Melanoma diagnosis. You really put me at east through the whole process. I could not have asked for a better doctor! You truly care about the wellbeing of your patients. I look forward to my upcoming visits with you. Thank you so much!”

We are also humbled to be the South Florida expert in skin cancer treatment, featured in the Miami Herald article, “A new weapon in the fight against lethal melanoma”.

Helpful Advice Throughout the Process

If we are treating you for skin cancer:

  • we will use the least invasive, most convenient and safest solution
  • many superficial skin cancers can simply be “scraped” out with a five minute procedure, requiring NO stitches with speedy recover
  • some types can be treated with an FDA-approved cream applied at home
  • some types will require surgery. We do it all in the office, under local anesthesia, and almost everything repaired same day with a plastic surgeon in-house if you need one, so you will not need to go somewhere else for a repair.

Above all else, our #1 goal is for you to “get on with your life”.

If you’re ready to see one of the expert doctors at Minars Dermatology, call us at 954-987-7512 to schedule your appointment.

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