Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States (it accounts for half of all cancer cases). There are many types of “skin cancer” but the most common forms are those caused by excessive exposure to the sun. Certainly, the most common forms in South Florida are those related to the sun. For these skin cancers, it is useful to think in terms of “melanoma”’ and “non-melanoma” skin cancers.



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Non-melanoma Skin Cancer
Melanoma Skin Cancer
Skin Cancer in Transplant Patients



Avoid excessive sun exposure
• Avoid the sun during peak hours (10am to 2pm)
• Wear sunscreen (SPF 15 for everyday use; SPF 30 when you know you will be in the sun)
• REAPPLY sunscreen – the most common mistake is to apply sunscreen in the morning and consider yourself safe for the day; you must reapply every two hours that you are out in the sun, and after swimming
• PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN – it is estimated that 80 percent of lifetime sun exposure occurs before age 18

Self Exam
• In a mirror after showering

Routine Skin Exams
• if you have any risk factors for skin cancer, see Dr. Minars at least once every year
• if you notice any sores that don’t heal after one month, make an appointment with Dr. Minars and show him
• if you notice any new or changing lesions (especially moles), make an appointment with Dr. Minars and show him (ALL SKIN CANCER CAN BE CURED WHEN TREATED EARLY!)


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