Superficial vs. Medium vs. Deep

Salicylic acid occurs naturally in the bark of the willow tree.


Ideal candidates for this type of peel are in their 20s and 30s, with minor sun damage, rough skin, and/or clogged pores. A superficial peel lifts surface cells and reveals a fresher and more radiant skin tone. It will, however take a minimum of three or four peels to lighten dark spots or unclog pores. Superficial peels are quick and have minimum side effects.

Some of the Superficial Peels we offer:
Salicylic acid peel (acne peel)
Glycolic acid peel
Miami peel
Microdermabrasion (a superficial “physical” peel instead of a chemical peel)

Medium Depth

If you’re suffering from dark spots, uneven skin tone, and/or fine lines from sun damage, then you’re an excellent candidate for a Medium Depth peel. This type of peel breaks up embedded clumps of pigment and fine lines that dwell within the base of the epidermis. The solution used within this level is much stronger and requires a longer recovery process, but yields more dramatic and longer lasting results.

Some of the “Superficial to Medium” Peels we offer:

Vitalize peel (by Skin Medica)
Rejuvenize peel (by Skin Medica and stronger than the Vitalize)
VI Peel (Strongest In This Category And Comes With Post-Peel Kit/Products)

Some of the Medium Depth Peels we offer:
30% TCA (Dr. Blyumin only)
Erbium laser resurfacing (a light “laser peel”)


This type of peel is an excellent option for people over 40 with more wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, sun damage and texture changes, acne scars, and/or dark spots. Unlike the other two peel types, a Deep peel is accomplished with the use laser. The laser allows for all the benefits of deep peeling without the long-term recovery. An excellent option for someone who wants more dramatic results.

Some of the Deep “Laser Peels” we offer:
(more frequently referred to as “laser resurfacing”)
Mosaic laser (non-invasive – similar to Fraxel laser)
Fractional CO2 Laser (strongest/deepest resurfacing option)

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