Pre-Peel And After Care

General Peel Recommendations for best results with minimal side effects

Avoid exfoliating skin care products or treatments one week before and one week after a peel. For example:
a. Clarasonic brush, scrub, beaded cleanser
b. Glycolic peels and wash
c. Microdermabrasion or facials or masks
d. Laser treatment in the area
e. Waxing in the area
f. Retinoid or retinol skin products

Avoid tanning and sun exposure for one week before and one week after a peel. And use sun block after the peel on a regular basis.

Tell your doctor (before the peel) if you have sensitive skin or are prone to cold sores.

Please confirm with your physician before continuing with your normal skin care routine after the peel. Some skin products may be too irritating after the peel.

If you get significant irritation or any other side effect after the peel, please call our office right away so we can assist you.

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