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Laser Vein Therapy

Facial Red Blood Vessels

Telangiectasias are tiny, dilated, superficial vessels that typically appear around the nose, chin, and cheeks. More common in women than in men, they may crop up during pregnancy, in response to prolonged sun exposure, after certain illnesses, and, often, as a normal part of the aging process. Other cases are congenital. Once they emerge, no skin cream will get rid of them. Fortunately, the right laser therapy can banish these vessels in one shot.

How does the laser work?

For those with a countable number of facial veins—as opposed to a mat of them—we use the long pulsed Yag laser, which delivers a precise dose of light to each vessel, in a series of brief pulses. Leaving the surrounding skin untouched, the light only targets the vessel, which coagulates and is absorbed by the body.

What can I expect?

A single, five-minute treatment is usually enough to clear these isolated veins. Discomfort is minimal, thanks to a cooling spray. Results are practically instant, and there is no “downtime”. To keep new veins from emerging, we ask patients to practice daily sun protection and, for those with rosacea, prescribe topical medication to keep symptoms in check.

Is this treatment right for me?

The ideal candidate for a long-pulsed Yag treatment has a handful of red facial vessels, typically on the nose or chin, and light skin. Those with more extensive patches of veins and capillaries should consider the pulsed dye laser.

This therapy can successfully treat:
Small unsightly veins (Spider Veins)
Medium sized veins

This therapy does not:
Treat very large varicose veins
Stop the creation of new unsightly veins

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