Facial Redness

Are people always telling you that you look red or flushed (even when you haven’t been in the sun for weeks)? You may have “rosacea” or you may just be a “flusher/blusher” with a red or “ruddy” complexion. Whichever term you prefer, the treatment is the same: a vascular laser.

What can be treated with a vascular laser?
ANYTHING ON YOUR SKIN THAT IS RED CAN BE TREATED: red dots, red birthmarks, red veins, or just a generally red face.

How does the laser work?
Lasers target color. Different lasers treat different targets because of different colors. One laser treats the brown target of a hair or a freckle and another laser treats the red target of a broken capillary or a red tattoo. (The idea is to always spare the surrounding, flesh-colored skin.)

How many treatments will I need?
The answer depends on the extent of the problem, and how aggressive you care to be. If you don’t mind having purple spots on your face for about a week (you can wear makeup to cover this), then we can turn up the power and require fewer treatments (one or two). If you don’t want the purple, you will still get great results, though there may be one or two more treatment sessions.

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