Acne In Dark Skin

How is acne in dark skin different?
One main difference is hyperpigmentation. Anyone with dark skin can tell you that EVERYTHING leaves a mark. Mosquito bites, scratches, ingrown hairs, and of course, acne, leaves brown spots. These brown spots are called “post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation” and if left untreated, they can take six months or more to fade.

How is the acne treatment for dark skin different?
The main differences when treating acne in black skin are: 1 – Our treatments must address both the acne and the hyperpigmentation that comes with it (we usually do this with a compounded bleaching cream and salicylic acid peels). And 2 – We must treat the acne more aggressively because even one pimple will leave a brown spot that lasts six months or more.

Bleaching Cream Helps!
Bleaching creams come in many varieties, but only the strong ones work. The most common ingredient in bleaching cream is hydroquinone. Over-the-counter bleaching creams contain only 2% hydroquinone and are not very useful or effective.

We have a special Bleaching Cream just for you:
Because we are specialists, we still practice the rare art of “compounding” prescription creams. (“Compounding”simply means “mixing” several ingredients into a combination specific for each individual patient.) Actually, a specialty pharmacy does the “compounding” of the bleaching cream, we just tell them what to put in it.

Bleaching creams don’t actually “bleach” your skin like Clorox bleaches clothes. Instead, bleaching cream fades your dark spots and gradually evens out your skin tone and color. The one we prescribe for you, will also include an acne-fighting ingredient.

Acne in Dark Skin must be treated more aggressively:
Even mild acne in dark skin must be treated aggressively. Again this is due to the hyperpigmentation. When you have dark skin, you cannot afford to have even just a few pimples each month, because each one can leave you with a “souvenir” dark spot that will last 6 months to 1 year. And that is unacceptable.

If you have dark skin, acne, and hyperpigmentation, then we will start with aggressive therapy immediately. This might mean a cream and a pill, along with chemical peels. If results don’t soon follow, then we will quickly move on to even stronger treatments. And if nothing else works, or if the acne is severe or leaves scars, we always have Accutane (which works every time!).

Experience treating dark skin:
All of our doctors have expertise and extensive experience in treating dark skin. It is a large part of our practice, and we are very proud of our expertise in this very specialized area of dermatology.

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