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Mexican Beer Dermatitis and Current Specials (May 2011, Vol 1 Issue 48)

Two interesting skin problems are caused by “fun”. This month we will discuss a rash you can get while making drinks in the sun, and next month we will discuss a rash you can get from surfing the internet with your laptop resting on your lap.

We also will update you on our current specials and discounts on cosmetic dermatology.

Mexican Beer Dermatitis:
A centuries-old skin condition – phytophotodermatitis – got a much cooler name recently: Mexican Beer Dermatitis. (In fact, back in 1986, they called it “Club Med Dermatitis”)

Phytodermatitis happens when lime juice on the skin is exposed to the sun. It can turn hands and arms splotchy red or brown, and the color can last for weeks or months. Think bartenders and vacationers mixing mojitos at beach bars without washing their hands afterward.

But in a recent issue of Archives of Dermatology, Dr. Scott L. Flugman warns that the way some partiers drink Corona with lime juice may be responsible for the condition’s spread from the usual spots (like the hands) to more unexpected places like chests and bellies. Flugman’s main concern is the spray:
“…When the beer bottle is inverted, the carbonation in the beer frequently causes a mixture of beer and lime juice to spray from the bottle despite the drinker’s attempt to seal the bottle mouth with the thumb.This common drinking practice may result in lime juice being sprayed over a wide area of skin, especially in a patient who is shirtless by a beach or pool,” he says in the article.

Our Advice:
If lime gets on your skin, just wash it off. Also, wash your hands of all lime juice before touching your children, because then they go out in the sun and they get phytophotodermatitis. I see this frequently in our office. It usually presents as a young child with a finger shaped red/brown smudge on their arm (where the parent touched the child with lime-juice hands, before he went out in the sun.)

Above and to the right are photos of one of our patients with this condition from a few years ago. He was not drinking beer, but mowing the lawn. The grass and sap that the lawnmower spit back at him had the same affect as lime juice in the sun.

Facials on Saturdays!
Our esthetician Frances is adding Saturdays back to her schedule. So if you need a facial, a Vitalize or glycolic peel, or microdermabrasion, but can’t miss work, call for an appointment today!

Specials Offers Summary:
After no rebates for the month of April, Dysport and Restylane have rebates again starting this month. All are from the companies that manufacture these products (so most are mail-in rebates).

Summary of Specials:

$50 mail-in rebate – ends June 30

$65 off per syringe (mail-in) – ends June 30

$50 off per syringe (mail-in: minimum 2 syringes – one Restylane, one Perlane is accepted) – ends June 30

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In this issue

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  • Facials on Saturdays!

Specials Offers Summary

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