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Genital Wart Treatment in Hollywood, FL

We know it is not “fun” to have genital warts. We will help get you through this (And we are DISCREET – no one will find out.) Even in our office – only the doctor will know.

Experience – We treat men with genital warts in our office every day. 

We know you want these gone “yesterday”:

  • We can often accommodate same-day appointments.
  • Convenient hours so you can get your treatment “over with”.
  • And we are obsessed with staying on time (so you won’t waste your whole morning with us.)



EST. 1975

Board-certified MD dermatologists in a clean modern office. Obsessed with customer service and running on-time. We see children and adults for medical, surgical, cosmetic, and laser dermatology.


Never an automated phone menu, always a live person.


Early morning, early evening, and Saturdays.


Two of our doctors are assistant professors of dermatology & teach at University of Miami School of Medicine.


We’ll get you in same-day.


FAQs About Genital Warts (Condyloma Acuminata)

What is Human Papillomavirus (HPV)?

HPV is the virus that causes common warts and genital warts. The virus infects the top layers of your skin. Many people infected with HPV have no symptoms and no warts, but they are still contagious.

How did I get genital warts?

They are transmitted by skin-to-skin contact during vaginal, anal, or oral sex with someone who is infected.

Can genital warts be “cured”?

Genital warts can be treated, and probably cured in many cases. A “cure” means that the virus is gone. There is no reliable way to determine whether or not the HPV virus is gone. Treatments are effective at getting rid of the visible warts, but the virus may persist in the skin, and cause new warts to develop months or years later.

How can I prevent genital warts and protect my partner?

If you or your sexual partner has warts that are visible in the genital area, you should avoid any sexual contact until the warts are treated (and ideally until they are “cured”). Condoms may reduce the risk of spread. Be aware that people with no visible warts may be infected with HPV  (they may not even be aware themselves that they have it) and spread it to you.

How long do genital warts last untreated?

Some HPV infections that cause genital warts will go away on their own, taking anywhere from a few months to two years. But most require treatment. Note that even if your genital warts disappear, you may still have the virus. Also note that when left untreated, genital warts can grow very large and in big clusters.

How do you treat genital warts?

There are several options for the treatment of genital warts. Often, prescription home treatments will be combined with office treatments and several treatment sessions may be necessary:

  • Cryotherapy – warts are destroyed with a very cold spray
  • Podophyllin – a liquid that can only be applied by a physician
  • Laser, Electrocautery and Surgical Excision are other methods
  • Prescription Therapy: Condylox and Aldara are prescription medicines to be used at home

Why do I need to treat genital warts?

Some types of HPV can cause cervical cancer. Other types are associated with anal cancer, and cancer of the penis (a rare cancer).

Can I cut off a wart?

Cutting off warts (or more accurately “shaving” them off) is a common way to remove genital warts.  We frequently shave warts at our office but YOU should never do it home.  There are many reasons why you should always consult with a professional for any type of wart:

  • You do not have sterile instruments and therefore may cause infection.
  • You do not have anesthesia so the pain will not allow you to do an adequate removal.
  • You may not be able to control the bleeding.
  • In addition, after we shave off a wart in the office (while you are still numb) we will often also cauterize or freeze the base of the wart to increase the cure rate.

What if I am embarrassed about my genital warts?

There is no reason to be embarrassed about this very common medical condition, however, we respect your concerns. You will be treated with sensitivity and respect for your privacy by our providers. No one else, including the staff, will learn about your condition. Women may request a female medical assistant to be present in the room during treatment, and men (or women) may request no one to be present other than the doctor.

Why do I need to see a doctor?

There are no effective treatments for genital warts available without a prescription, including those advertised on the internet. Do not try to treat genital warts with over-the-counter medications, which are not intended for use in the genital area. Doing so can cause even more pain and irritation. In addition, you must visit a physician to be examined and tested for other sexually transmitted diseases. Please do not allow fear to delay your treatment, because everything is easier to treat when addressed early.
Genital Wart / HPV Vaccine



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