Minars’ Cosmetic Physician Assistant Traci Long shares her own experience with Voluma – the HA filler that targets age-related facial fat loss/sagging skin.

Traci treats patients with Voluma AND is a Voluma patient herself!

What distinguishes Voluma from other HA (Hyaluronic Acid) Fillers?

Traci: HA Fillers like Juvederm and Restylane target specific lines and wrinkles, and they do that very well. But Voluma is the first filler to specifically target and correct fat loss and sagging in the cheeks and lower plane of the face.

What made you decide to try Voluma yourself?

Traci: I noticed a flattening in my cheeks and how it aged my face. I had seen how impactful Voluma had been in treating patients who presented with a similar concern, and what a difference it made in the overall global aesthetic of the face.

How was your experience?

Traci: I am very pleased. It gave me a more youthful appearance, no question. Another benefit of Voluma is that the results are immediate. Of course, you need a skilled, experienced injector when using any fillers. Voluma is no exception.

Who would you recommend Voluma to when performing a consultation?

Traci: I don’t universally recommend any procedure, despite my success rate with it as a patient or practitioner. I look at the global aesthetic of each patient’s face and go for the most conservative approach possible. A patient looking to target a specific line or wrinkle, for instance, would be more suited to using a filler like Juvederm.

A final word on Voluma and how we fit it into our practice:

When done expertly, Voluma adds lift, volume and contour to the cheeks area – and a more youthful appearance to the overall face.

Patients see results that are immediate, subtle and can last up to two years.

Voluma successfully targets fat loss and adds contour to the face, and is subtle enough that patients look refreshed and not “done”.

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