Hair Removal – Questions

How does laser hair removal work?
The simplest explanation is that the laser targets a specific color. The brown or black hair heats up and is vaporized while the surrounding white skin remains untouched.

Does this mean that we cannot remove hair from black skin?

Actually, we can. The reason for this is somewhat more complicated, but simply put, the laser selects its target not only based on color, but also on size. So the large hair follicles are heated while the small skin cells remain cool, even if they are brown as well. Any skin color can be treated (with the correct laser), but not every hair color.

What areas do most people treat?
The two most popular “combos” for women are 1 – lip and chin (or lip, sideburns, and chin), and 2 – bikini and underarms. Men will commonly treat their ears, neck (to relieve “razor bumps”), and back.

How much does it cost?
Pricing starts as low as $125 per treatment. And because we own our lasers and therefore don’t have to pay the cost of renting, we are able to offer competitive pricing. However, laser hair removal is not an inexpensive technology. And unfortunately we cannot give a price over the phone without seeing the area that you want treated. We base the price mainly on the size of the area to be treated and you can imagine that one person’s back or “bikini area” is not the same as another’s. A free consult will answer all of your questions!

What does it feel like?
The feeling of the laser is most commonly compared to the feeling of a rubber band being snapped against the skin. It is not painful, but you do feel it. Most people do not require any “numbing”, however a topical anesthetic cream is available (and recommended… why feel ANY pain?).

Laser hair removal is simply the most remarkable and effective technology for permanently removing hair or treating ingrown hairs. But lasers are powerful machines, so have a certified expert perform the treatment.

What kind of results can I expect?
A 2001 study published in the journal DERMATOLOGIC SURGERY used the GentleLase Alexandrite laser (one of our three lasers for hair removal.) Fifteen women were treated 4 times with approximately one month between treatments. The area treated was the underarm, and the women followed up one year after the final treatment. After one-year 85% of the hair was still gone. (note: this is a significant reduction of hair, however it is not 100%. The hair that remains, tends to be lighter and thinner)

Reference: Newman N. Laser hair removal with alexandrite versus diode laser using four treatment sessions: 1 year results. Dermatol Surg 2001;27:925-9.

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