Mistake #1:

Too much Botox in the forehead.

Too much Botox does not look good. You may get rid of every wrinkle, but you can look stiff, especially the forehead. The most common mistake I see is when another injector, in an effort to get rid of every wrinkle, puts too much Botox in the upper forehead and the patient feels to stiff. When the patient sees me, I convince them to do less Botox. It ends up costing less, looking better and looking more natural.

Tip: If you have never done Botox before, start with the frown line for your first treatment (even if the upper forehead has more lines). This area never feels strange or looks stiff.

Mistake #2:

Ignoring the brow

The forehead is divided into two parts when we use Botox.

  1. The lower forehead / frown line area (this is where we treat the “elevens” that you see in Botox advertisements. The “elevens” are the two parallel wrinkles that occur between the eyebrows when you frown that look like the number eleven.)
  2. The upper forehead.

The frown line muscles pull the brow down. If you relax these muscles with Botox, the “lifting muscles” of the forehead can act unopposed giving the brow a bit of a lift.

Mistake #3:

The “Spock” brow.

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