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Botox: Secrets to Success

Botox: Secrets to Success

Dr. Todd Minars

Todd Minars, M.D. Dermatology
The cosmetic use of Botox has literally revolutionized the treatment of wrinkles. The results are dramatic, but natural (if done correctly) and the procedure is safe. Here are a few tips to achieve the best results:
1. Choose the right doctor. How? Ask friends for a recommendation. Use a dermatologist who you have already seen for a skin problem (but make sure that you trust and like this person), or check these resources on the web: Allergan’s website and One caveat: If you have your Botox done by somebody who is not a physician, you are asking for trouble.

2. Do not fall for “low price” advertising. These ads in the back of magazines that seem too good to be true, are too good to be true. Botox is expensive to buy, and they will simply use less of it.

3. Once you’ve been treated, keep your follow-up appointment. This is an opportunity for the doctor to do “touch-ups” that can make all the difference in your final result.

4. Maintain your Botox. This usually requires three treatments a year. Botox gives an immediate improvement (first week), but after a few months, the effect increases. This is for two reasons: First, the muscles that form wrinkles, smooth out with time and the skin “re-drapes”. Second, the skin, now free from the muscle that was “ironing” in the line, has time to repair itself.

5. Deep lines need combination treatment. Botox cannot cure every wrinkle, but results can be enhanced by combining Botox with a second minor procedure. For instance, a great way to treat “Crow’s Feet” is to combine Botox with a very light laser peel.

6. Make Botox part of an overall plan for your skin. Wear sunscreen, start a home skin care regimen, and combine Botox with other appropriate procedures that improve the overall appearance and structure of your skin.

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