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Attention: Women who get Pedicures

This month we have chosen to highlight a problem that we have been seeing more and more often in our office: A chronic follicular infection that seems to only occur in women who 1 – getting regular pedicures at nail salons that use whirlpool foot baths, and 2 – shave their legs. The photograph below illustrates a typical case of this condition.Attention: Women who get Pedicures
Our advice is to avoid whirlpool foot baths at your nail salon when getting a pedicure. There are countless news stories of skin infections linked to bacteria that contaminate these foot baths, and we see at least one woman each month with this condition. The problem at the salon is that even when these whirlpools are cleaned properly, bacteria can still lurk in the jets and inner workings of the machine. The problem for the patient is that these infections are very difficult to clear (usually requiring months of antibiotics) and often leave scars.

How to avoid this problem….
You can still get a pedicure, but ask for a fresh bowl of water. In other words, avoid the whirilpool foot bath altogether. If you “must” have the whirlpool, do not shave your legs prior to getting a pedicure, because small cuts from shaving could allow bacteria to enter the body.

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Attention: Women who get Pedicures

How to avoid this problem

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