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Announcement: We can now check labs in office!

November 2007, Vol 1 Iss. 21

Attention Accutane Patients: We can now check your labs in the office. We have purchased a machine that can test both serum lipids and liver function with a small amount of blood from a fingerstick.

The good news:
This means that instead of two visits each month for Accutane (one to the lab for a blood test and one to our office), you only have to come to our office for one visit. No more waiting in line at Quest or Labcorp.

The bad news:
Your insurance won’t pay for it. We are not contracted with your insurance company for laboratory work. Most insurance companies have contracts with large labs such as Quest or Labcorp. We do a fingerstick (easier than a venous blood draw). We get the results in five minutes. The cost is $30 per test. Most accutane patients only require one test each month (a cholesterol panel).

Don’t forget:
You still need to be fasting when we check your cholesterol. Six to eight hours since your last meal is ideal (so try to come in the morning before breakfast). If you can only come in the afternoon and haven’t eaten in 3 or 4 hours, we can still do the test, however, if the results show that your cholesterol is elevated, then you will have to repeat the test after a real 6 to 8 hour fast.

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