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Introducing the “Medical Facial”
7 new facials designed with a Dermatologist to treat your specific skin type…

Power peel treatment. Resurfacing treatment using microcrystals to break fine lines, dead cells and hyper-pigmentation.

Diane Litwer – Medical Esthetician | Electrologist | Laser Technician

Trained in advanced paramedical skin care at the nationally accredited Florida College of Natural Health, Diane treats acne, pigmentation, rosacea, unwanted hair, and early signs of aging with a blend of medical-grade and holistic therapies. During your first consultation, she’ll suggest a customized regimen of pampering treatments that yield real results by themselves, or as adjuncts to stronger dermatologic procedures. A few of the most popular options on Diane’s menu:

Diane specializes in medical-grade chemical peels that make you feel like you’re at a high-end spa. Most peels use a combination of exfoliants, that even texture and color by sloughing away uppermost skin cells, and treatment ingredients that hydrate, brighten, or calm. Her Smoothing Body Peel uses potent trichloracetic acid that helps reverse sun damage on the chest and hands—and softens the most callused feet. Whether you have sensitive skin, stubborn dark spots, or are pregnant, she’ll tailor her treatments to your specific needs.

European Facials
These luxurious, hour-long treatments begin with a skin analysis and consultation, followed by a cleansing massage, enzyme exfoliation with steam, extraction of impurities, face/hand massage, and a therapeutic mask. Diane finishes by applying a customized treatment serum that typically contains a combination of antioxidants, amino acids, and anti-aging peptides. Facials can be combined with microdermabrasion or peels—and can also be performed on the back, where breakouts often occur.

Treatment Masks
A wonderful introductory treatment for new patients, masks might blend exfoliating papaya or pumpkin enzymes with moisturizing hyaluronic acid, depending on your complexion. Many patients choose to have an anti-inflammatory masks before and after undergoing stronger dermatologic treatments, like laser.

Still a popular permanent form of hair removal, electrolysis has the added benefit of targeting white, gray, or fair hair that lasers can’t. And because the procedure zaps one strand at a time, it’s great for eyebrow shaping and for hairy ears!

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