Hair Removal – Prices

Some prices (prices are for one treatment session)*:

Upper Lip$125
Lip and chin$175-200
Underarms/Bikini combo$350-395

*These prices are approximate. You will receive an exact price from the doctor when he evaluates you and decides which ¨laser to use during your free consult.

Do you offer packages?
The problem with packages is that you are locked in. We do not offer packages because every person is different and we do not know exactly how many treatments you will need. The problem with a lot of the “chain” hair removal places is that you can ONLY get a package. You can’t pay for just one treatment to see if you like it. What if you don’t like the technician? What if you don’t do well with their lasers? What if they go out of business? We don’t try to lock you in to a package. We know that if you try our office once, you will stay with us.

What if I am undecided about where to go?
Try a few places. We think that an educated consumer who has been to other places is our best customer. You will see the difference. We have knowledgeable and experienced doctors. We have the best lasers for each skin type. And we are an established operation. Our practice started in Hollywood in 1976. Try us first, before you get locked into a package at one of the “chain” hair removal centers.

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