Hair Removal – Facts

Fact #1
Lasers cannot remove white or blonde hairs.

Fact #2
Permanent removal of hair requires several treatments. One treatment will remove all of the hair, but not permanently. With each treatment, fewer hairs will grow back and the hairs that do will be lighter and thinner.

Fact #3
You cannot wax or pluck for two weeks before the procedure, but you may shave. The reason is that our target is the hair follicle, which is deep beneath the surface of the skin. Cutting or shaving the hair does not affect the follicle, whereas waxing or plucking pulls out (part of) the hair follicle, and leaves us without a target.

Fact #4
If you avoid the sun, you will get more “bang for your buck”. If the area that is being treated with the laser is tan, we must adjust the settings accordingly. This often entails decreasing the energy, and that decreases effectiveness. So if you want to achieve permanent hair removal in the fewest number of treatments, keep the area that you are treating, out of the sun.

Fact #5
Razor bumps and ingrown hairs are eliminated after the first or second treatment.

Laser hair removal is simply the most remarkable and effective technology for permanently removing hair or treating ingrown hairs. But lasers are powerful machines, so have a certified expert perform the treatment.

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