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• All board-certified in dermatology
• All on staff at University of Miami School of Medicine and Memorial Regional Hospital

On staff at the University of Miami School of Medicine Department of Dermatology where they volunteer their time each month to teach dermatology residents in the Jackson clinics.
Norman Minars, MD - Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology
Todd Minars, MD - Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology

And they are just plain nice.

Our Doctors


Medical, Cosmetic and Laser Dermatology, Esthetician Services Holywood Florida

Staff – hired for one main trait – Customer Service

Proof – results of a survey conducted by an independent third party ranked us in the top 1% for the country in customer satisfaction. View Our Customer Service Awards

Phone – never an automated teller, never a menu, always a live person (from 8am to 7pm on most days and we do not shut the phones off during lunch)

Messages – every message returned by the doctor same day as a rule

Emergencies (business hours) – we’ll get you in for a quick appointment today (even if it’s just a pimple that needs to be injected before your big date!)

Emergencies (after hours) – our cell phone number is on the voice-mail (not instructions to hang up and call 911)

Appointments – early morning and early evening hours on certain days and for certain procedures (and now Saturdays!)

Prescription Refills – always called in “same day”

Your medical records – if another doctor needs them, then we will fax them over in five minutes, if you need them, we will fax them to you in five minutes (we keep your old records forever on our computers, not just for seven years as required, and not in a warehouse where it will take 2 weeks to access them).

Sign-In – one-page back and front, that’s all! (and its available on the web to complete before you come in) (Don’t you hate filling out three pages of forms that don’t leave you enough room to write the information they are asking for…we do, so ours is one page and should take you about one minute to complete).

Lasers – we own most of ours so you can come any day you like (not on our “laser day”) and every patient is evaluated and treated by the doctors themselves.

We are obsessed with staying on time.


Minars Dermatology Office

A clean and modern office: We completely remodeled our office with an interior designer in 2003 and again in 2007. And in 2012 we moved into a larger completely re-designed state-of-the-art office next door.

Bathrooms: immaculate (soap and scents from Bath and Body Works)

Sound – satellite radio (no commercials)

Magazine’s – you probably won’t have time to read them, but if you do we carefully select many (Bon Apetit, Elle, Architectural Digest, Smart Money, GQ, Wine Spectator etc…) not last year’s issue of Field and Stream or 10 different golf magazines and nothing else

Exam rooms – immaculate and clean, more magazines and “The Farside” books… (because you will only have time for a few cartoons before the doctor comes in to see you)

A “green office” - we use separate trash cans to recycle our aluminum cans, plastics, office paper, and magazines


The combination of experience and cutting edge care is unique to Minars Dermatology because it is an established practice (since 1976) with experienced doctors as well as younger doctors. We have both male and female physicians and each has certain areas of interest and expertise. We currently have eight lasers on premises (that's "more lasers than most universities"). And if you have an interesting or difficult case, you may be seen by several of our doctors during your visit, and receive the advantage of an immediate second opinion from a potentially different point of view.

Patient Testimonials