Laser Hair Removal


EXPERTISE: Every patient evaluated and treated by the doctors themselves (board-certified MD dermatologists).

CONVENIENCE: Can't miss work? We have appointments available after 5pm on certain weekdays reserved for laser hair removal patients only!

CHOICES: Three different lasers for hair removal means that we have the right laser for your skin type.

Why Three Lasers?
Laser Hair Removal in South Florida
You cannot have a laser hair removal center with only one laser, because despite the laser manufacturer’s claims, there is no “one size fits all” laser. Certain patients (e.g. darker skin patients) will require special lasers. And even within one area of the body on one patient, certain hairs will respond better to one laser than to another.

What can’t these lasers do?
We still cannot remove blonde, white, or grey hair effectively. The lasers target color (brown or black), and therefore white and blonde hairs are not affected.

• A bona fide “Laser Center” with 3 Lasers for Hair Removal alone
• Lasers on premises (no waiting for the “rental day”)!
• Tuesday and Thursday - later appointments for your convenience.
• Unmatched expertise and experience with lasers!

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