Until 2009, Botox® was the only brand of botulinum toxin type A available in the United States. Now there is another brand made with the same active ingredient called "Dysport®".

How is Dysport® different than Botox®?
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Dysport® is probably not much different than Botox® to the patient. It has been used in Europe for many years before it was introduced to the United States this year by Medicis (the company that makes Restylane) so we have a lot of information about this product.

A few “little” differences:


Dysport® starts working faster.  Botox® usually starts to “kick in” after 2 to 4 days, while Dysport® starts working  about 24 hours faster.  I am not sure how important this “advantage” is.  Once in a while someone wants their Botox® to work in time for a big event, but you should never do any injecting the week before a big event because there is always the possibility of a small bruise when needles are involved (If you do get a bruise, it lasts about one week, and can be covered up with make-up.)

Dysport® is slightly less expensive. 
As the “new kid on the block”, Dysport® is aggressively pricing their product with special offers.  As long as the aggressive pricing continues, you will be able to get discounts on Dysport®.  But the normal list price of Dysport® is not that much lower than Botox®.  When the early discounts disappear, the two products will probably cost about the same. Or perhaps Dysport® will be slightly (on the order of 10%) cheaper than Botox®.

Which lasts longer?   
That is the million dollar question.  In our experience they seem to last about the same length of time and most of the published studies seem to agree.

Learn more about Dysport® by reading our Botox® pages (most of the information is interchangeable).

Also, our Botox® “Before and After” photos are good examples of the results you can expect with Dysport®.

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